Testicular and Scrotal Swellings

Scrotal swellings may originate from any of the structures in the scrotum (for example, the testis, spermatic cord, or epididymis).

Sudden, severe pain in a testicle may be a sign of a testicular torsion. This is an emergency situation and requires urgent assessment. A delay in diagnosis and treatment may result in loss of a testicle. If you are experiencing sudden onset, severe testicular pain, please attend your local emergency department for assessment.

Lumps in the scrotum can be concerning; causes include testicular cancer, infection, fluid collections (hydrocele or epididymal cysts) or dilated veins (varicocele). Occasionally groin hernias can migrate into the scrotum causing swelling. Scrotal swelling can be a sign of heart problems if associated with swelling in the legs.

An examination and ultrasound scan are usually the first investigations required.

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