Botox Treatment to Bladder

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) injection to the bladder is an effective treatment for overactive bladders. Patients with a severe overactive bladder experience sudden and strong desires to pass urine, which may result in incontinence.

Usually the first botox injection is given under general anaesthesia via a rigid cystoscope, after which many patients opt for further local anaesthetic injections in the outpatient clinic using a flexible cystoscope. The effect of botox typically lasts for 4-12 months before a repeat procedure is required. Some patients feel very little, others describe the injections as being a bit like a bee-sting.

Botox injections are safe, however there is a risk that they may work too well and stop the bladder from emptying altogether. For this reason, patients have to learn how to use a disposable catheter until the effect of the botox starts to wear off, although most patients never need to use it. Other risks include infection and blood in the urine.

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