Problems Passing Urine

Urinary problems are very common in both men and women.

As men get older a degree of prostate enlargement is common, causing symptoms such as slow flow, difficulty in starting to void and needing to strain to pass urine. Some men find that they also have to pass urine more regularly during the day and night. Younger men may experience similar problems more commonly due to scarring (stricture) of the urethra (water pipe), a tight bladder neck or tightness of the foreskin.

Prostate cancer is an uncommon cause of urinary problems, but sometimes the two are related. Mr Cohen will discuss with you the merits of further investigation, offering a PSA blood test, multiparametric MRI scan and state-of-the-art fusion biopsy if required.

Women can experience similar problems to men, but often experience urinary leakage as well; this can be caused by weakness of the pelvic floor, a narrow urethra or an overactive bladder.

A clinic consultation with some straightforward urine tests can provide valuable information to help guide what treatments are required; often there are a number of different options which Mr Cohen will discuss with you.

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